18 Best Automotive Sap Removers in 2023 [According to 470 Experts]

There are plenty of excellent Automotive Sap Removers manufacturers to pick from, such as�Stoner Car Care, Evo Dyne, Chemical Guys, SGCB, Stoner Car Care Automotive Sap Remover, it’s difficult for buyers to make a buying decision. To assist you to get the best 24 Finest Automotive Sap Removers that satisfy distinct requirements, we have carefully explored a substantial amount of Automotive Sap Removers.

According to our substantial assessments and more than several weeks of screening a large number of Automotive Sap Removers in numerous price ranges from $5 to $66. , we now have determined this list of the greatest Automotive Sap Removers. We picked Stoner Car Care 91154 10-Ounce Tarminator Tar as our preferred option. Look at our best 24 Automotive Sap Removers, make sure you read through our purchasing help guide get all the details you need to make the most efficient decision!

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24 Best Automotive Sap Removers in 2023

No matter what your budget or what your needs are, your search for Automotive Sap Removers will end here, as I compiled this list after consulting and interviewing industry experts.
Also note that, at automotiveToolsList.com, we do not accept paid sponsorships, which is why the options in the list here are totally impartial and based on honest opinions.If you click on a link, we may we may earn a commission if you buy something.

#Top 1 Stoner Car Care 91154 10-Ounce Tarminator Tar

Stoner Car Care 91154 10-Ounce Tarminator Tar

  • Fast-Acting Grease Remover: When Time Is Precious, Tarminator By Stoner Car Care Doesn’T Delay. This Safe Tar Remover Works Incredibly Fast. It Takes Less Than 30 Seconds To Effectively Remove Tar, Sap, And Asphalt
  • Safe For Clearcoats: Unlike Most Harsh Chemical Cleaners, Tarminator Is Easy On Paint And Safe To Use On Clear Coats. The Powerful Cleaning Action Of This Effective Tar Remover Is Gentle On Surfaces
  • Stoner Car Care’S Tarminator Goes To Work Quickly To Remove Tar, Sap, And Asphalt By Using Microactive Cleaning Technology To Breaks Down Tough Grime For Easy Removal. Tarminator Is Specifically Designed For The Removal Of Tar And Sap. For Quick and Easy Bug Removal, We Recommend Stoner Bug Eraser Wipes
  • Use Safely On Paint And Chrome: For Car Owners With Chrome Bumpers, Finding A Powerful Tar, Sap, And Asphalt Remover That Will Not Dull The Chrome Finish Is Tricky. Tarminator Is Made To Use On Both Chrome And Paint Without Causing Damage

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#Top 2 Evo Dyne Bug and Tar Remover

Evo Dyne Bug and Tar Remover

  • Car Junkies’ Best Friend: Evo Dyne Car Stain Remover Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Bug Guts, Dirt, Grime, Grease, Tree Sap, Bird Feces, Odors, Food Stains, Rust Stains, Brake Dust, Black Streaks, and Much More. Grab Our Car Spray Cleaner and Get Rid of the Gunk!
  • Compatible With Gtechniq Coatings: This Car Cleaning Spray Is Compatible to Use on Your Car in Conjunction with Any Other Product. Whether You’ve Already Applied Any Coatings, Waxes, Or Sealants No Need to Worry About Damaging Because Crafted to Work in Unison
  • Easy To Apply: Spray This Bug and Tar Remover for Cars Onto Tar Spots, Spray Onto An MF1 ZeroR Microfiber Buff Cloth, and Gently Wipe the Affected Area. Allow the Car Cleaner Spray to Sit on the Spots for 1-2 Minutes. Rinse and Repeat If Needed
  • Remove Tar and Guts With Ease: This Bug Droppings Stains and Tar Remover Is a Full-Strength, Solvent-Based Dirt Remover for Cars That Are Designed with An Intricate Formula to Soften and Dissolve Road Tar While Removing Glue Residue
  • Fast Acting Results: Once You Spray on This Car Grease Remover, Leave It to Work on the Tar Or Unsightly Glue Marks for 1 to 2 Minutes. Our Exterior and Interior Car Cleaner Helps to Ensure the Vehicle’s Paintwork Body Finish Remains in Perfect Condition

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#Top 3 CARPRO TarX Tar Adhesive Remover

CARPRO TarX Tar  Adhesive Remover

  • PROTECT AND DECONTAMINATE: TarX Is a Heavy Duty Cleaner. In Addition to to Bug, Tar and Adhesive Removal, It Makes An Excellent Parts and Equipment Cleaner..
  • PREFERRED AND USED BY PROFESSIONALS: CARPRO TarX Is Widely Used by Professionals and Car Enthusiasts Around the World
  • MADE FROM ORANGE PEEL EXTRACT: Derives Its Strength From the Solvents Extracted From Orange Peels. Does Not Have Harmful Chlorinated Solvents Or Other Harsh Chemicals.
  • DATE STICKER: CARPRO Products Now Come with Only a PRODUCTION DATE (“Pr”) Written in Day/month/year Format. Expiration for CARPRO TarX Is Two Years From Production Date.
  • FAST REACTION TIME : CARPRO TarX Is a Professional Strength Tar, Adhesive, and Insect Splatter Remover As Well As a Degreaser That Is Fast and Easy to Use.

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#Top 4 Chemical Guys CWS_104_16 Concentrated Bug and Tar Remover Car Wash Soap Safe

Chemical Guys CWS_104_16 Concentrated Bug and Tar Remover Car Wash Soap Safe

  • Pre-Wash Prevents Long Term Paint Damage
  • Pre-Wash Saves Time and Energy by Loosening Stuck-On Bugs and Grime
  • Concentrated – 1 Capful Works with 1 Gallon of Water
  • Safely Removes Bugs, Tar, Grime, Tree Sap and Bird Droppings
  • A Must Own for Commuters, Truckers, Couriers, and Fleet Vehicle Owners

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#Top 5 Stoner Car Care Tarminator Bug

Stoner Car Care Tarminator Bug

  • ULTIMATE SOLVENT BASED FORMULATION, ELIMINATE THE ADHESIVE INSTANTLY — Cannot Be Easier To Clean The Adhesive! SGCB Tar Remover Has a Large Capacity Of Dissolving And Removing The Oil-Based Grease And Grimes, Especially The Tar And Asphalt! All You Need To Do Is Just To Spray a Bit Amount Of It Onto The Area After Wash, Which Just Need Several Seconds To Melt The Grime And Turn Into The Sewage, Finally Just Wipe It With a Microfiber Towel!
  • This Unique MicroActive Cleaning Technology Gives Tarminator Unequaled Ability to Remove Even Baked-On Tar, Grease, Sap, and Asphalt
  • Pack of 3 – Stoner Car Care Tarminator Bug, Tar, Sap, and Grease Remover – 10 Oz
  • HIGH SECURITY GRADE GUARANTEE — If You Are Looking For a Safe Tar Removing Solution For You Car Cleaning, You Cannot Miss SGCB Tar Remover Anyway! Completely Different From Other Harsh Ones, SGCB Tar Remover Is Solvent-Based And It Is Definitely Safe And Protective For The Exterior Surfaces Such As Paint, Chrome, Glass, Clear Coating Etc. Restore a Clean Surface Without a Stain But Never Degrade The Areas You Use On!
  • PORTABLE AND USE IT WHEREVER YOU WANT — Imagine What If You Need To Clean The Road Tar On Your Car Outdoors Or On Your Journey? No Worries! The 500ml SGCB Tar Remover Each Is Equipped With a Smart And Handy Sprayer Nozzle, So You Can Spray The Solution Directly, Which Enables You To Do The Cleaning Jobs Anywhere And Anytime! DIY Available And It Is Convenient For You To Carry, Largely Saving Your Time, Strength And Fees!
  • Tarminator Breaks Down the Complex Molecules Found in Tar and Other Sticky Materials
  • MULTIPLE USES FOR MORE SURPRISES, WORKS WELL FOR BOTH CAR CLEANING AND DAILY LIFE! — The Purpose Of SGCB Tar Remover Is To Help Out The Car Detailers With The Stubborn Adhesives Like Tar, Asphalt, Gum, Grease On Car Paint, Wheel Weights, Stickers, Vehicle Badges Etc, But It Can Do Far More Beyond That! This Product Is Also Excellent On Glues, Lipstick, Crayon, Ink, Wax, Shoe Polish And Other Oil Based Stains! Undoubtedly, It Is a Perfect Solution Of Both Car Detailing And Children`s Doodling!
  • MADE IN USA, THE HIGH QUALITY IS ABSOLUTELY SAVED — We SGCB Formulate, Experiment, Manufacture, Distribute And Retail The Product Around The World! Adopted By The Top Advanced Technology, We Proudly Offer The Product Of Ultra Premium Ingredients For You! Safe, Trustworthy But Easy To Use With Perfect Effect!

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#Top 6 SGCB 16oz Tar Remover for Cars

SGCB 16oz Tar Remover for Cars

  • Spray Head Color and Style May Vary
  • Safe for All Automotive Surfaces, Paint, Glass and Trim
  • Please Read Precautions and Instructions
  • Fast, Spray Or Wipe On, Work Surface Until Clean.

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#Top 7 Ardex Tree Sap Remover 6232

Ardex Tree Sap Remover 6232

  • Excellent Choice for Cars, RV’s, Boats, Semi-Trucks, Motorcycles, and Home Or Office Use
  • No Scrubbing, Easy Spray and Rinse Application
  • Safe on Car Paint, Wax and Clear Coats
  • All-Purpose Interior and Exterior Cleaner Quickly Loosens and Wipes Away Bugs, Insects and Tree Sap From Plastic, Rubber, Metal, Chrome, Aluminum, Windows, Mirrors, and More
  • Loosens Protein Build Up to Easily Wipe Away and Clean Surface

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#Top 8 3D Bug Remover – All Purpose Exterior Cleaner Degreaser to Wipe Away Bugs

3D Bug Remover - All Purpose Exterior Cleaner  Degreaser to Wipe Away Bugs

  • Tackles Bug Splatters, Heavy Oils, Gunk, Glue, Tar, Tree Sap, Stubborn Road Grime
  • Ready-to-Use Product, Simply Spray On, Wait About 30 Seconds and Gently Wipe Or Rinse Off
  • Excellent Choice for Cars, RV’s, Boats, Semi-Trucks, Motorcycles, and Home Or Office Use
  • Safe on Car Paint, Clear Coats, Ceramic Coated Surfaces
  • A Must Own for Commuters, Truckers, Couriers, and Fleet Vehicle Owners

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#Top 9 Nanotech Surface Solutions Bug Tar Remover- Effective Bug Splatter

Nanotech Surface Solutions Bug  Tar Remover- Effective Bug Splatter

  • SAFE FOR PAINT AND CLEAR COATS: SapZap Does Not Dull, Scratch, Or Damage Automotive Or Marine Paint and Clear Coats When Used.
  • MULTISURFACE: It’s Safe to Use on Multiple Surfaces Such As: Paint, Clear Coats, and Fabric for Automotive Or Marine Needs.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Our Products Are 100% Formulated, Manufactured, Processed, and Distributed in the USA. We Take Pride in Providing Fast Acing and Quality Products for Your Automotive Or Marine Needs.
  • FAST ACTING: Removes the Tree Sap Or Adhesive Before It Starts Breaking Down the Paint on Your Paintjob. SapZap Allows Immediate Action to Remove That Stubborn Residue and Prevent Damage Caused by Tree Sap.
  • Disclaimer: This Product Is Not to Be Consumed, Or Ingested and Is Only for Intended Use.
  • SAPZAP- ZAPS AWAY YOUR SAP: Sticky Tree Sap and Stubborn Adhesives Can Be a Pain to Remove From Your Paintjob. Luckily, SapZap Has the Solution! SapZap Instantly Breaks Down the Material for a Safe and Effective Removal.

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#Top 10 SapZap Tree Sap Adhesive Remover Car Cleaner

SapZap Tree Sap Adhesive Remover Car Cleaner

  • Essential for Vehicles Exposed to Nature, Construction Sites, and Harsh Elements. Anyone Who Keeps Their Vehicle Outside Is Liable to Run Into a Stain They Can’t Seem to Remove. But for Those Who Work in Construction, the Risk of Getting Sprayed with Concrete Is Much Higher. Tree Sap and Rust Is a Problem for Off-Roaders and Avid Campers Whose Vehicles Are Parked Under Trees. If This Sounds Like You, Get Ahead of Paint Damages with Ex-Con.
  • Perfect for Keeping Fiberglass Boat Bodies Clean. Ex-Con Excels in Removing Water Spots, Algae, and Scum That Accumulates While Your Boat Is in the Water. Exposure in Water Can Leave Behind Mineral Deposits Called Lime Scales That Require More Than a Basic Scrub for Removal. Use Ex-Con to Ensure Your Boat Stays Shining All Summer Long.
  • Will Not Cause Any Damage to Paint, Glass, Or Plastic Surface
  • Works Effectively on Fresh and Dried-On Sap, Tar, and Bug Residue
  • Safely Remove Substances That Bind to Your Vehicle’s Surface. Concrete and Tree Sap Are Especially Nasty Because Once They Dry, They Leave Your Paint Susceptible to Stains, Scratches, and Discoloration. Concrete Contains Alkaline, Which Can Eat Paint, and Tree Sap Can Leave Stains If Left in the Sun. Ex-Con Will Remove These Substances While Protecting Your Car Paint From Marring and Scratching.
  • Attack Rust Before It Spreads. Rust Is Particularly Troublesome for Cars Because Once It Occurs, Additional Water Exposure Encourages the Proliferation of More Rust. Use Ex-Con to Remove Rust Before It Snowballs Into a Larger Issue That Requires More Time and Money.
  • Succeed Where a Basic Wash-and-Scrub Will Not. For Tough Stains Such As Concrete, Tree Sap, and Rust, Scrubbing Your Vehicle’s Surface with Just Water and Soap Is Often Not Effective. This Stain Remover Is Specially Formulated to Eradicate the Peskiest of Stains That Threaten Your Vehicle’s Surface.
  • Quickly Penetrates and Dissolves Tough Tree Sap and Pine Pitch

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#Top 11 Gliptone Sap, Tar Bug Remover

Gliptone Sap, Tar  Bug Remover

  • Water Based Formula Doesn’t Contain Petroleum Solvents
  • Cleans Bugs, Sap and Bird Droppings Without the Need for Abrasive Sponges
  • Made in Germany
  • Cleans Without Affecting Wax Or Polish Coatings

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#Top 12 Detail King Ex Con – Concrete Cleaner

Detail King Ex Con - Concrete Cleaner

  • Safe for Exterior Finishes When Used As Directed
  • Can Be Used on Soils for Spots Cleaning, Or Used As a Pre-Treatment Prior to Washing
  • Preserves Wax Protection
  • Streak-Free Formula; If Used on Glass, Rotate to Clean Portion of the Microfiber Towel for a Final Buff
  • Cleans Bugs, Tar and Bird Droppings

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#Top 13 nextzett 91391215 Bug and Sap Remover

nextzett 91391215 Bug and Sap Remover

  • Dirt and Grime Is Easily Removed From the Sponge, Making It Reusable Hundreds Or Even Thousands of Times
  • The Honey-Comb Design of the McKee’s 37 Road Kill Bug Scrubber Traps Bugs and Foreign Particles As It Removes Them From Your Paint, Ensuring the Surface Doesn’t Get Scratched
  • Effective and Affordable
  • Simply Allow It to Soak in a Bucket of Warm Soapy Water 5 Minutes Prior to Use, and Gently Rub the Affected Area

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#Top 14 Extreme Tire Shine Spray by Armor All

Extreme Tire Shine Spray by Armor All

  • GENTLE CARE – This Tar Remover for Cars Melts Away Splatter with Minimal Effort, All While Being Gentle on Your Vehicle. You Can Use It on All Exterior Surfaces Without Damaging the Paint.
  • EFFECTIVELY REMOVES TAR – This Tar Cleaner Is Made Especially for Helping You Rid Your Car of Hard-to-Remove Tar. It’s Also Great At Removing Tar, Goo, and Grime Off of Your Windshield, Side Mirrors, and Hood.
  • 100% SATISFACTION PROMISE – We Firmly Believe Our Product Is the Best. Tar Remover X Will Work As Well As Or Better Than Any Competitor. Guaranteed. You Will Be 100% Satisfied Or Your Money Back.
  • EASY TO USE – Simply Spray and Soak Affected Areas with Our Tar Solution, Then Gently Wipe It Off with the MICROFIBER MESH TAR SPONGE CAR SCRUBBER Included As a BONUS with the 32oz Bottle!
  • PROTECTS YOUR CAR – Heavy Road Grime and Dried Tar Guts Can Cause Permanent Damage to Your Car’s Paint and Clear Coat. Our Car Tar Remover Is Here to Help You Prevent This Costly Problem.

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#Top 15 McKee’s 37 MK37-950 Road Kill Bug Scrubber

McKee's 37 MK37-950 Road Kill Bug Scrubber

  • It Allows You to Remove Pollution, Without Leaving Blemishes Or Scratches That Otherwise Would Have to Be Removed by Polishing. It Does Not Affect Your Ceramic Spray Coating’s Hydrophobic and Durability.
  • Unlike Most Tar Removers, Q²M Tar Does Not Affect Any Exterior Surfaces and Is Bodywork Safe. It Is a Safe Car Cleaner That Can Be Used on Paint, Car Wax, Spray Wax, Car Polish, Ceramic Wax, Plastic Trim, Both Painted and Unpainted. As It Is PH Neutral, It Can Also Be Used to Remove Tar Spots From the Bare Polished Lips As a Wheel Cleaner. A Great Addition to Any Serious Car Detailing Kit.
  • Wash the Whole Bodywork with An HQ Car Shampoo, Rinse Well and Spray Generously with Q²M Tar. Wait for Approx. 2-4 Minutes and Either Car Wash Bucket Away Or Wipe with a Damp MF Cloth Until the Surface Remains Perfectly Smooth.
  • Perfect Car Care Products for Your Pre-Wash Step in Your Car Detail Regiment. Paired with GYEON IRON Remover Car Detailing Helps You Remove Tar, and Grime From Your Cars Paint. GYEON Produces World-Class Auto Detailing Supplies and Ceramic Car Coating.
  • On Soft Or Medium Hard Paints Even the Use of Mild Clay Bar May Result in Marring. As Most Contamination Can Be Dissolved by Combined Usage of Q²M Tar and Q²M Iron, This Product Is Also a Great Help in the Maintenance of Cars, Which Have Had Paint Correction Done in the Past.

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#Top 16 CAR CARE HAVEN Tar Cleaner -Auto Maintenance

CAR CARE HAVEN Tar Cleaner -Auto Maintenance

  • DIRECTIONS – 1) Cool Surface with Water If Hot to the Touch. 2) Spray Generously Directly on Surface to Be Cleaned and Wait 30 Seconds. 3) Firmly Rub Unwanted Bug and Tar Stains with Clean Cloth Or Sponge, Rinse Thoroughly with Water. 4) Repeat Steps 2 and 3 If Necessary.
  • QUICK and SIMPLE: Just Spray Bug and Tar on the Surface to Be Cleaned, Wait 30 Seconds, Rub the Area with Clean Cloth and Rinse with Water.
  • Dissolves Bug Guts
  • A VARIETY OF USES: This Product Is Formulated for Cleaning Bugs, Tar, and Other Hard to Clean Deposits From Windows, Bumpers, Grills, Paint, Chrome, Wheel Covers, Headlights.
  • Use the Sponges (2 of Them Included with Kit) for Stubborn Bug Stains
  • SAFE ON CLEAR COAT FINISHES: This Citrus Based Product Is Safe on All Factory Paint and Clear Coat Finishes. It Contains No Kerosene Or Petroleum Distillates.
  • 100% Clear Coat Safe and Environmentally Friendly
  • CITRUS FORMULA and Contains No Kerosene: Safely Cleans the Toughest Road Tar, Tree Sap and Bugs From Automotive Paint Finishes.

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#Top 17 GYEON quartz Q²M Tar 500 ml

GYEON quartz Q²M Tar 500 ml

  • MAKING YOUR LIFE EASIER – Cleaning the Interior and Exterior Grime, Splatter and Gunk Is Softened in About 60 Seconds! You’ll See That Happen! Clean Leather, Vinyl, Carpet, Rugs, Cloth Seats, Fabric, Wood Trim, Plastic, Rubber, Upholstery, Metal, Painted and Polish Surfaces and More. It Cleans Off, Dried Bug Splatter, Dirt, Grime, Grease, Tree Sap, Bird Poop, Odors, Food Stains, Rust Stains, Brake Dust, Black Streaks, Oxidation and So Much More. It’s a Perfect Detailing Product Kit.
  • SAVING MORE, GETTING MORE! – Our Concentrated Formula Must Be Diluted Into Ready to Use Cleaning Soap. You Pay Less Per Quart of Ready to Use While Getting More Because It’s Highly Concentrated. Which Means You Can Use It on Pickups, Automobiles, Semi Trucks, Motorcycles, Airplanes, Campers, RVs, Trailers, Boats, ATVs, Heavy Equipment, Shop Tools and Machines, Painted Surfaces, Driveways, Rubber Roofs, Fiberglass, Awnings, and More…
  • SIMPLY CLEAN, NO GLOSS – Inferior Products Make You Do All the Work. They Tend to Leave a Cloudy, Tacky Or Greasy Film. Our Product Reduces Effort While Leaving Your Vehicle Looking Great. No Added Polish Or Waxes That Degrade the Quality. Just Clean! Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, NO Petroleum Distillates, Non Flammable, No Harsh Chemicals, No Strong Odors, Non-Abrasive and Non-Corrosive. Helping to Bring Back That New Car Look.
  • PEOPLE SAY: “IT WORKS!” – Expect Good Things From a Car Care Multipurpose Cleaner That Performs Beyond Expectations. That’s What You’ll Experience Here! We Designed Our Multi Surface Cleaner to Perform Effectively on All Surfaces. It’s Our Newest Smart Technology That First Neutralizes Acids. Softens As It Penetrates. Finally Carries Away Grease, Dried Bug Splatter and Grime While Leaving the Important Things Behind. Like Wax, Clear Coat, Paint, Polish, Conditioned Leather and So On.
  • 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE! – We Firmly Believe This Is the Absolute Best All Around Car Care Product on the Market!! If for Any Reason You Are Not Satisfied with ProSol Works Products, Simply Return Any Unused Portion for a Full No Hassle, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Refund! It’s a Win, Win for You. CLICK ‘Add to Cart’ NOW. 100% RISK FREE!

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#Top 18 McKee’s 37 Road Kill Remover Combo

McKee's 37 Road Kill Remover Combo

  • EASY TO APPLY: This Product Can Be Applied with a Clean Microfiber Cloth, Sponge Or Soft Detailing Brush.
  • REMOVES TOUGH CONTAMINANTS: Removes Tar and Other Harsh Contaminants That Can Damage Your Vehicles Paintwork If Left on Bodywork.
  • CAN BE APPLIED ON GLASS AND PLASTICS: No Cracking Risks on Delicate Surfaces Such As Clear Plastic. It Can Also Be Used on Glass for the Removal of Adhesive Stickers.
  • PROTECT YOUR PAINTWORK: Eliminates Tar Spots Effortlessly, Leaving a Clean and Protected Surface Ready for the Next Stage of Your Vehicle Treatment.
  • EFFECTIVE AGAINST ADHESIVES: Tar Dissolver Contains Small Amounts of Solvent to Remove Glue, Adhesives, Diesel Deposits and Oil/greasy Film.

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Editor’s Notes

During our Automotive Sap Removers research, we located 57 Automotive Sap Removers products and shortlisted 18 quality products.We discovered that most customers choose Automotive Sap Removers with the average price of $15.

We have reviewed a huge selection of brands and selected the very best brand names of Automotive Sap Removers, such as Stoner Car Care, Evo Dyne, Chemical Guys, SGCB, Stoner Car Care Automotive Sap Remover.

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